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The Regional Institute
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Australian Farming Virtual Library
Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) (ANPSA)
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 The Internet Farm Community

SILO - an internet farm community, has been a research program of the Farrer Centre at Charles Sturt University since 1996.  Another SILO site, dealing with meteorological information for rural industries, was formed in 1997 with the support of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Australia and Australia's Rural Research and Development Corporations.

Many of the ideas generated from SILO's research and online communities initiatives have been adopted by other web sites, in business and agriculture.
will continue as a research program for farmers, the regional community and researchers.....
AgSearch - SEARCH THE SILO COLLECTION SILO's search engine developed in 1996.
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Rural & Regional Research Information
The Australian Farming Virtual Library developed by SILO project team member, Amanda Steele, forms part of the WWW Virtual Library. It is one of Australia's best rural reference sites on the Internet.
The Regional Institute The Regional Institute Web site, developed by SILO project team member, Roger Johnson, provides excellent access to valuable agriculture, science and information to beneift regional Australia


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